Speed Portrait of Sean Stephenson – Video Inside


Sean Stepehnson is my hero! His amazing personality, wisdom and strength are a […]

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Portrait of Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan (Video Inside)








Cute kinky couple portrait.

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Speed Portrait of the Most Amazing Artist – Marian Basa (Video Inside)


Marian Basa is an amazing Romanian artist who draws beautiful portraits WITH HIS LEGS! He is a […]

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Portrait of Pablo Alboran – Movie Inside


Pablo Alboran, a custom portrait made for a friend meant to be a […]

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Portrait of Mr Grey – Jamie Dornan (Video Inside)


Here’s the time lapse movie with the portrait of the mysterious Mr Grey. […]

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Filmed Portrait of Jack Sparrow – Johnny Depp (Video Inside)


I grew up playing the Monkey Island game series. After the movies Pirates […]

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Filmed portrat of Jay Z (Film Inside)


I tried a technique of adding values and vibration: by dots.¬† I while […]

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Couple Portrait in Pencil


 Another couple portrait.

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Nude in black gel


Another experiment trying to master the black line technique. Drawing with black gel […]

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My First Youtube Video – Girl Nude Time Lapse (Video Inside)


I am so happy that today George, a friend of mine who does […]

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Portrait of Alex


Another black gel portrait.¬† The values are pretty clear: black, white and some […]

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Black Gel Portrait – Sto Adrian


I love drawing after photos with high contrast and a lot of shadows. […]

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Pumpkin carving time!


I love autumn! I love the smell of wet leaves, I love the sound of rain. And […]

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